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Down to Earth

When approached by a mountain high athlete about a wellness brand, I could not be more excited. He was down to earth, kind, and above all - determined. He was someone who was all in - in his lifestyle, his mentality, and his career. 

After asking questions, I dove in head first. I researched various topics - everything from chemistry
 and the elements to Greek mythology, and began brainstorming a number of ideas (trust me, it was a lot). 

Where I landed? Grounded in earth tones, in nature, and in the true grit it takes to harness your own power.

In thinking about the brand as a whole, we wanted it to be something that conveyed approachability AND quality. Something that stood out among the muscle milks and protein powders dripping in masculine energy. This idea helped to also shape and concept some of the packaging decisions made. 


The Brand Book

The Grand Rapids Gold needed a brand book that represents the true identity of the Grand Rapids Gold, including colors, logos use, asset use and imagery reflective of the elevated G-League team. 


Presentation Decks
First impressions are (almost) everything. A presentation or pitch deck makes an incredible impression with current and potential clients. From setting the stage to including relevant data such as competitor analysis or current trends, a deck truly matters, and shows your contacts that you mean business. 


Rethink the Site
Rair Cannabis Co. had a desperate need to redo their website. The previous version utilized their colors in a way that was not favorable. As a team, we decided to modernize, utilizing some of the best photography our peers had taken while also enhancing the overall user experience. The website was no longer clunky and complex, but clean, straightforward, and trendy.

Swag Design

After undergoing a lot of internal changes, the Green Door Distilling Co. team realized they wanted some updated swag designs for their patrons to sport not just in the distillery, but around town. It was my job to create a number of options to choose from, ranging from hats to sweatshirts to hoodies and tanks. With speak easy ties and a moody aesthetic, the Green Door samples were developed to be consistent with their brand identity. 

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